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Mr.tooth is dental house that provide a wide range of dental services in Squamish. We are committed to provide you with high quality dental care and to make your visit to our office comfortable and enjoyable.

Preventive Fillings


When a permanent tooth is prone to decay or even already caught initial carious lesion, a simple preventive filling might be an ideal, painless and affordable procedure to protect the tooth structure. It is quite useful in young ages and usually done without freezing.

Composite Fillings


It is the mostly commonly used tooth-colored esthetic filling. In contrast to the previously used Amalgam, composite filling is a mercury-fee one and can be used for all ages.

Glass Inonomer Filling


A relatively new material. It has the characteristic feature of fighting decay through its continuous fluoride release property. Best used for children fillings and root surface decay

Root Canal Therapy


It is the treatment for badly broken or decayed tooth when the damage touched the nerve. It can be done in one or multiple visits depending on the presenting signs, symptoms and the condition of the tooth.



Many different kinds of denture, partial or complete, Chrome - Cobalt or Acrylic, soft tissue or implant borne. Dentures not only restore the function of the missing teeth but also the young healthy beautiful smile and proper phonetics as well.

Inlay and Onlay Restorations


Although more expensive than composite restorations, Inlays and Onlays are considered to be the state of the art in dentistry. They are fabricated outside the mouth and cemented inside the cavity. It has a better mechanical properties than the traditional composite filling.

Night Guards


Invaluable removable device to be used at night to protect the teeth / restorations from nocturnal bruxism. It also relaxes the muscles of mastication and improve the Tempromandibular joint's signs and symptoms.

Sport Guards


If you used to participate in aggressive sports, protecting you teeth should be a priority. Sport guards are available in different colors and thicknesses.


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