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If you would like your teeth to be straightened without bonding the traditional braces, Invisalign technology can be the best fit solution. We put the treatment plan for your case and send the records to the professional technician who will fabricate a set of transparent molds for you. Although can not be used in all cases, however, it is considered as one of the best trends in orthodontics nowadays.

Invisible Braces


It is an esthetic alternative to the traditional metal braces. It can be made of ceramic or plastic. Although carries a better esthetic appearance, however, a longer treatment time should be expected.

Metal Braces


The mostly widely used braces. Being metal, it is the most durable and affordable kind of fixed braces. Treatment time with those braces should be less as well. Colors can be adjusted according to the desire, so it seems to be the best fashion braces.

Removable Orthodontics


During the primary and mixed dentition stages, bonding fixed braces might not be indicated, however, removable braces seems to be the best solution considering the younger age children and the transient dentition status.

Myofunctional appliances


Sometimes the malocclusion is with the jaws and not with the teeth. In this scenario, the earliest the treatment the better the results and the most possibility to avoid complicated treatment in the future. Myofunctional appliances like TwinBlock and MonoBlock are best indicated for growing children with slightly deformed jaws.

Serial extraction


It is typical to have a spaced primary as these spaces will be utilized in the future to occupy the bigger size permanent teeth, however, it is important to consider orthodontic consultation if the child has a spaceless or crowded dentition. One of the successful interceptive measures is to start adjusting the number of the teeth before ending with a severely crooked teeth at teenage.


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  Opening Hours, Mon - Fri 08:00 - 5:00

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