Restorative Dentistry

Mr.tooth is dental house that provide a wide range of dental services in Squamish. We are committed to provide you with high quality dental care and to make your visit to our office comfortable and enjoyable.

Hollywood Smile


Beautiful as the smile of Hollywood stars. In fact, most of them have had cosmetic dental treatment done for their teeth in the smile zone with veneers, Lumineers or even full crowns. You can select the shade of the teeth you dream about. Although looks expensive, however, worth it.

Tooth Jewelry


Nothing more elegant than a small and reflective crystal stone bonded to the side of the upper lateral incisor. It gives your smile an unforgettable magic.

Teeth Whitening


Although many brands of whitening systems are available, yet most of them have the same chemical composition. The currently available professional whitening gels, although bring transient teeth sensitivity for few hours, however, seem to be harmless to the enamel structure. If you are looking for instant teeth whitening, Professional Teeth Whitening is the perfect solution. On the other hand, if you are not in rash you can go for the Home Whitening System which need to be used daily for almost a week or so in a customized tray. Ideally, to get the best results you need to take both of them (i.e. Professional whitening followed by Home whitening for few days).

Crowns and Bridges


Single and fused crowns (Bridges) still considered the most commonly used solution for badly broken or missing teeth, respectively. The metal free crowns nowadays are the current trend in cosmetic dentistry.

Lumineers and Veneers


Less traumatic procedures than crowns. Lumineers and Veneers are simply ceramic shells bonded to the front surface of the teeth to modify their color, shape and sometimes correct their position. The difference between them is a matter of thickness in the first stand.

Snap-On Smile


The most conservative way to get a bright smile. The fact of being removable and can be fabricated without tooth preparation makes it away affordable compared to the other options, however, it can not considered to be permanent.


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